8 Toronto Locals Tell Us Where to Reset, De-stress and Chill Out

Motivational quotes on Instagram glorify the nonstop hustle and grind, but in real life we all need a timeout now and then.

When we stopped by the latest session of The Creator Class @reset.series with Toronto trainer extraordinaire Eva Redpath—a monthly workout plus a speaker round table—the theme was [Re]pair: calming the mind, resting the body and finding life balance. (The next class, [Re]plenish with Eva Redpath, is all about nutrition and will take place May 12.)

Post-talk, we asked Redpath and her special guests where they personally go to chill out in the city. Here’s their hit list of favourite places in Toronto.

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Eva Redpath, Nike Master Trainer, women’s fitness leader and creator of Body Conditioning by Dancers

“I honour my body’s need for rest and recovery by prioritizing self-care. One of my favourites places to unplug is Float.”

Float Toronto (1159 Queen Street West) offers sensory deprivation tanks, where you can lie in a pod filled with Epsom salt water and just, well, float. 

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Emily Thring, founder of The Quiet Company, which hosts meditation classes

“I chill out through movement. I practice Pilates at the Mindful Movement Centre in Yorkville. It’s just a very serene space. And the instructors are amazing.”

Mindful Movement Centre (68 Scollard Street, Suite 301) is a bright, airy Pilates and yoga studio specializing in small classes.

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Martin Reader, 2012 Olympian, volleyball player and Nike trainer

“Mine is Impact Kitchen. It’s a great spot on the east side of King Street. It has a SoCal surfer vibe. Unbelievable food. It’s beautiful. And they have a great bone broth.”

Impact Kitchen (573 King Street East) is a whole-foods casual café and smoothie bar in Corktown. 

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Roy Chan, personal trainer

“My favourite place is not work-related. Rasa is a restaurant near Harbord where I go to turn off. Everything I do all day is about work, and this is about eating, music and a couple of cocktails.”

Rasa (196 Robert Street) was created by the food truck chefs The Food Dudes. 

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Julia Hamer, neuroscience researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital, U of T lecturer and former pro athlete

“I hang out at BrainStation. Quantum Coffee is attached to it, so I’ll grab a nice cappuccino and a croissant. It’s a really good workspace. Yes, I work when I chill out. But I do read papers not directly related to my own research!”

BrainStation (460 King Street West) is a digital education centre. 

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Derek McCarty, creative director at Dosist, a cannabis-based wellness company

“One of my favourite places to chill out, hang out and relax is Tokyo Smoke. I love it. They’ve done an amazing job building a community.”

Tokyo Smoke is a coffee shop and cannabis accessories retailer, with five locations in Toronto. 

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DJ Feel Good Smalls

“Casa Loma is my chill spot. It reminds me of London, with its old architecture. I usually listen to a full album when I am chilling out. It helps with easing my mind and taking me on a musical journey. Right now, one of my go-to albums is Charlotte Day Wilson’s Stone Woman.”

Casa Loma (1 Austin Terrace) is a Gothic Revival castle built in 1914. 

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Akil Augustine, producer and host for MLSE’s NBA TV Canada

“Riverdale Park is the greatest spot in the city. I get a big bottle of water, a big beach towel, a football, a book, whatever. I will get there as early as I can and soak in that sunset. It’s a great view. And it’s a big-ass park. People are there with their dogs. There’s a pool. People do their boot camps. You can just people watch.”

Riverdale Park East (550 Broadview Avenue) is an 18-hectare green space popular for its sports fields, running track and view of the downtown skyline. 

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