Launched in 2017, FLEETSTREET is an editorial site devoted to delivering smart news and views on health, beauty and fitness, as well as a plugged-in guide to what’s happening in the wellness scene in Toronto and beyond.

We believe chasing goals is more fun with friends. We strive to get stronger, healthier and happier, but this isn’t the place for cliché stories on how to “drop a dress size fast.” We look for news you can use: no-B.S. expert advice, cool local happenings, tried-and-true gear, intriguing people doing inspiring things and much more.  

Before starting the site, founder Wing Sze Tang spent more than a decade working in print magazines, including a few of Canada’s best-known glossies. For years, she was the health and beauty editor at FLARE and, before that, the health editor at FASHION.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.